Web Design & Development

I love designing and developing websites. From small websites to large corporate intranets, my 10+ years of experience in designing, developing and consulting have made me the professional I am today.

Here are some of the many services I provide


Branding is one of my favorite things to do, well I love it all! We listen to your business plan, research your competition and design something that’s clean and effective. Your brand is one of the most important things to any business and we don’t take that lightly. Here are some things I can brand:

  • Logo’s
  • Letterheads
  • Social Media Headers
  • Flyer’s
  • Marketing Sign-age
  • Signature


Web Design and Development

One of my best traits is creating awesome effective websites, Throughout my 10 years of designing and developing websites, I’ve learned throughout the years is the easier your website is to navigate and the less hassle to get key information about your business or product the more you’re going to convert that visitor into a customer. The internet is continually evolving and keeping up with technology and taking advantage of that technology will not only give you a cutting edge website, but it also means your website is compatible with the latest in gadgets.

From planning to finished product, I take the necessary steps to ensure that your website not only looks great, but gets those customers. From planning to designing to launch I find collaborating with the client is a crucial piece that helps create a quality website.

Here are just a few website related services I provide:

  • Custom Design
  • Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and PyroCMS)
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Ready Websites
  • Web Maintenance
  • Web Hosting


Email Marketing

Looking to reach your customers or leads? From design to delivery, I can help you reach new customer or touch your existing customer base with a visually compelling designed email. We’ve developed software that allows us to send high volumes of emails. we provide also provide detailed statistics for your campaign including Views, clicks and what they clicked on. Using this information we can determine the best way to deliver your marketing campaign. I am currently  working on taking my mass email marketing platform to bring this tool to you.


Mobile Friendly Design

Each day the number of devices, platforms and browsers that need to work with your website grows. Designing for the desktop is not the way to think anymore. It’s been said that by 2014, mobile devices will outgrow the traditional desktop. Want to see what responsive design in action? go ahead and re-size your browser and watch how our site will conform to fit the browser window, keeping the website intact and making sure that website is still easy to navigate around no matter what device you’re on.

I’ve created a tool that allows you to see what your website looks like across the popular mobile devices

Check your site now


Monthly Search Engine Optimization Services

Are you looking to increase your search engine ranking? I offer SEO services that will help achieve increased visibility in your search engine rankings. I offer basic SEO services which monitors your search engine ranking on certain keywords which allows us to adjust META descriptions and title tags throughout your website which are important factors in your search engine ranking. In addition, I also provide you with a list of things you can do to increase your search engine rankings. In addition to the monthly optimization service my advanced SEO service package which does everything the basic package does but in addition, we review your website content and create keyword rich content that conveys your message, we also make sure you have quality back links to your website as well as blog services, which has a huge impact on your search engine traffic.

Contact me to find out what I can provide to increase your search engine traffic.


And more…

Chances are if you don’t see something that achieves your goal, I am confident I have the skills necessary to accomplish whatever task you’re after.